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March Newsletter 2017


Term 1 Monday 6/2/17 – Friday 7/4/17

Term 2 Monday 26/4/17-Friday 30/6/17

Term 3 Monday 18/7/17 – Friday 22/9/17

Term 4 Monday 9/10/17 – Friday 15/12/17

Dear Member,

Co-ordinators Report – October, 2017

Welcome to Term 4. Term 3 was very busy and we are hoping to continue this is Term 4.

There have been a few changes to the Timetable which is attached.

Learning Bridge has been cancelled for this term. If anyone would like to continue this as a Bridge playing group, please let me know. The 9.00-11.00am timeslot on Friday is still available.

Enjoying Poetry timeslot has been changed to 3.00-4.00pm on Mondays. Enjoying poetry reading is an opportunity to read, listen and enjoy poetry. You can bring along your favourite poem to recite or just read. Our leader David Schoeffel would love to have some bush poets attend so please pass this on to anyone you know who may wish to join in.

U3A send “get well” wishes to David as he is presently in hospital, get well soon, we miss you at scattorgories, discussion group and poetry.

Please check with Intereach each week to see which room the poetry classes are being held in.

We are still floating the idea of a dog walking group if anyone is interested.



October 25th at 2.00pm – Marie Drennan will be our guest speaker which will be titled “Life and Times of Marie.” Marie is a well known local who has a very interesting life to relate.

November 22nd – Lindsay Renwick will conduct a tour and talk to us at the historical society building.  This will be at 1.00pm as it may take longer than an hour.

On September 8th, to recognise Adult Learners Week, we took a bus trip o the Altina Zoo at Darlington Point. 15 members participated.  This was a really amazing day and everyone who came along had a great time.


I would like to thank Intereach for providing the bus and driver, because of this we were able to keep this at a very reasonable price.  Intereach have indicated that they are very willing to do this again, so we will try and have a couple of bus trips each year.  Any ideas for suitable destinations please let me know.

If there are enough members who wish to revisit the Zoo, please let me know and we could go again.






10-11 AM             TAI CHI      JAN RENWICK                     A



10.00-11.00 am  Photography  Bobby Murphy, Sue Miles           C & D

3.00-4.00 pm    What is Poetry?   David Schoeffel           C & D



10-11 AM       SCATTERGORIES – Sue McMillan       C & D

11-12 pm       DISCUSSION GROUP – Helen Burnham      C & D

12-1 pm       Italian – Amanda Barlow                       C & D

MONTHLY                 4TH Wednesday of each month

1.00-2.00 PM    Lunch                                                     C&D

2.00-3.00 PM    Guest Speaker  –   Marie Drennan


10-12   Games:  Alison Wilson, Helen Burnham                          C & D

                              1.30 – 4.00 PM   MAHJONGSally-Ann Dillon, Airlie Circuitt     C & D

(10.00-11.00am – Book Club – Library- 1st Thursday of the month.)                   Library


9.00-11 am -Learning Bridge – Dinnie Downie, Tony Cullenward    C & D

11.00 – 1 p.m – Play Reading   –  Bob Apedaile                                C & D