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               DENILIQUIN BRANCH
Welcome to 2021
What are the aims of the U3A?

  • To encourage and enable mature people to help each other to share their knowledge, skills, interests and experience
  • To demonstrate the benefits and enjoyment to be gained in learning throughout life
  • To celebrate the capabilities and potential of older people and their value to society
  • To provide a creative use for leisure time
  • To establish and maintain educational, cultural and physical programmes
  • To promote and further the concept and adoption of U3A in the general community and municipality

Why should I join a U3A?

  • Learning should not stop as we get older.
  • The U3A provides social, intellectual and physical stimulation for mature aged people
  • Courses are designed to be enjoyable as well as stimulating
  • Our courses reflect the needs and abilities of our membership
  • U3A gives you the opportunity to learn something that you have always intended to learn but have not had the time to pursue

How does the U3A operate in Deniliquin?

  • Deniliquin U3A is made up of mature aged people who either want to continue learning or being active, or who wish to teach others what they know
  • A Committee of management is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting
  • Tutors and other leaders are volunteers
  • Members are encouraged to become active participants in the activities
  • All administration is undertaken by volunteer members
  • An Enrolment Day is held each year so members/new members can enrol in activities of their choice

Please remember if you do make contact and the message bank is on please leave your name and contact number for your call to be returned.

U3A Deniliquin Inc 2021 committee
The committee is as follows:
President – Alison Wilson;
Vice President – Helen Thompson;
Treasurer: Sue Gatacre;
Secretary: Gill Fraser;
Co-Ordinator: Helen Burnham
Publicity Officer: Gayle Beckton
Committee: Tom Oram; John Watters; Marg Donohue; Judith Smith; Airlie Circuitt; Jan Renwick

A big warm welcome to our new members and all returning members, we hope that you enjoy the classes that you are interested in.

Telephone Directory:
U3A Mobile Phone: 0499839468
Alison Wilson: 0438894339
Helen Thompson: 0408893347
Gill Fraser: 0427453256
Helen Burnham: 0400110749
Sue Gatacre: 0419536738
COVID 19 Safe Practices:
There will be wipes and hand sanitiser provided in each class.
For the well-being and health of members if you are unwell please stay home.

U3A mobile – 0499839468

Welcome to the July newsletter.
Did you know the answers to the quiz?
Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952.
Roosevelt Island is in New York.
True – the first European vaccine was created in 1796.
Berlin is further north.
Forty is the only number in the English language whose letters appear in alphabetical order.
TERM 3 commences Monday 12th July 2021.
Please remember to bring a mask with you to all classes – at the time of sending out this newsletter we are still following the NSW Government guidelines in relation to COVID 19.
Most importantly stay safe everyone.

Our guest speaker for June was Jenny Noonan. Jenny was diagnosed in 2006 with Acute Myoloid Luekemia & underwent a bone marrow & stem cell transplant & now 14 years later practically leads a normal life.

Jenny Noonan with Helen Burnham.

July 23 – Paul Ebsworth – NSW Police on Home Safety
August 27 – Neville Purtill – Family History
October 22 – Jenny Fellows – Her story and the Driver Training program.
November 26 – Gail Williams – Her Story

The next Armchair Travel talk will be on Thursday 12th August & will be Tony Cullenward about his travels in Egypt. Sam North has been booked to talk about his trips to Nepal more information in later newsletters.
Please print out the Term 3 timetable attached to this newsletter.
TAI CHI – All Tai Chi participants please note that Tai Chi commences on Wednesday 28th July 2021. Jan has advised that if you are a newcomer there is a short sequence you can learn “Tai Chi for Memory” – all welcome to come along and join in this popular class.
WALKING GROUP – The walking group has had an extra day added please note the days and times.
Monday – 8am – 9am
Tuesday – 4pm – 5pm
Thursday – 8am – 9am
Arrangements still the same meet at the Water Tower and the Co-Ordinators for the Walking Group are Helen Burnham and Alison Wilson.
iPads & iPhones – come along and learn what other things your devices can do – or if you are a begineer bring your phone along and learn the basic steps. Don’t know how to use QR codes come along and learn how to use the app. You must wear a mask.
Note: The Conversation French Classes and Begineers Bridge Class have ceased. If you are interested in Begineers Bridge then please contact Helen Burnham.
MEDITATION – This class commences on 27th July 2021 for 5 weeks – 11 am to 12 midday, with Ian Wall taking this class.
Meditation – Reflection. Contemplation. Prayer. Meditation. Relaxation. Peace Happiness. Joy.
A basic introduction to the theory and purpose of meditation. Enjoy some practical sessions and tips.
Ian has been practicing meditation for many years and is looking forward to sharing his discoveries.
This class commences on Tuesday 27th July 2021 for 5 weeks – 1pm – 2pm – Tutor Ian Wall. After spending most of his working life exploring health personally and professionally, Ian finally discovered something that made sense of it. This short course will include some tips on the usual diet and exercise aspects of health and will also expand the concept to put those two old chestnuts in their right place!


Our final session for our program  was a “Fun Evening of Line Dancing” which was held on Thursday June 24th at 6.30 pm – Dunlop Room, Deniliquin RSL Club. This was a free event and  run by Anita Ingram.  A light supper was provided. There were 40 people in attendance and judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces a great time was had by all. Not only is Line Dancing good exercise it is also good for the brain. From what I hear there might be a few budding new line dancers lining up for classes.


Photos provided by Tony Cullenward.


In what year did the Sydney Opera House open?

From which flower does the spice saffron come?

What is the tympanic membrane better known as?

How many noses does a slug have?

What was the name of Sherlock Holmes’ landlady?

Answers in August newsletter.


Gayle Beckton
Publicity Officer
U3A Deniliquin Inc.