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               DENILIQUIN BRANCH
Welcome to 2021
What are the aims of the U3A?

  • To encourage and enable mature people to help each other to share their knowledge, skills, interests and experience
  • To demonstrate the benefits and enjoyment to be gained in learning throughout life
  • To celebrate the capabilities and potential of older people and their value to society
  • To provide a creative use for leisure time
  • To establish and maintain educational, cultural and physical programmes
  • To promote and further the concept and adoption of U3A in the general community and municipality

Why should I join a U3A?

  • Learning should not stop as we get older.
  • The U3A provides social, intellectual and physical stimulation for mature aged people
  • Courses are designed to be enjoyable as well as stimulating
  • Our courses reflect the needs and abilities of our membership
  • U3A gives you the opportunity to learn something that you have always intended to learn but have not had the time to pursue

How does the U3A operate in Deniliquin?

  • Deniliquin U3A is made up of mature aged people who either want to continue learning or being active, or who wish to teach others what they know
  • A Committee of management is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting
  • Tutors and other leaders are volunteers
  • Members are encouraged to become active participants in the activities
  • All administration is undertaken by volunteer members
  • An Enrolment Day is held each year so members/new members can enrol in activities of their choice

Please remember if you do make contact and the message bank is on please leave your name and contact number for your call to be returned.

U3A Deniliquin Inc
May 2022

Welcome to the May Newsletter.

Dates for your Diary

Guest speakers:

May 27th – Gail Williams – “Down My Track” – 2pm Friday 27th

June 24thCathy Cleary

July 22nd – Ian Lea


Armchair Travel speakers for May 12th  are Greg & Petrea Jasper talking on their trip to New Guinea, 1 – 2 pm.

Singalong – commenced on Monday 4th May everyone in attendance enjoyed the inaugural Singalong.

Photo courtesy: Gill Fraser

Please note: Sing-A-Long WILL NOT BE HELD this Monday 9th May 2022  


Thank you to Intereach Staff.

On Thursday 5th May 2022 President Alison Wilson & Treasurer Sue Gatacre presented an indoor plant to Intereach as a thank you for their help over the many years to U3A.

Photo courtesy of Gill Fraser.


A couple of our classes are struggling for numbers at present and we would hate to see them cancelled. Both Scattegories and Discussion Group and in need of more people to attend. Scattegories is a fun class with lots of laughs and Discussion Group tries to be inclusive with all members in attendance with the range of topics for discussion.

Why not come along and try these classes if you haven’t already.

If you have any suggestions for new classes or ideas please contact the Co-Ordinator Helen Burnham on 0400110749, she would only be too happy to discuss with you.

U3A 10th Anniversary Morning Tea

On Tuesday 3rd May Deniliquin U3A celebrated their 10th Anniversary.

U3A Regional Representative Greg Brown and former Regional Representative Allan Haggarty were in attendance as well as founding members Anne & Bob Apedaile.

Classes started on 15.02.2011 with Public Speaking & Armchair Travel & of course Play Reading continuing on just 2 days a week. Play reading continued for 9 years. Initially there were 36 members and in 2022 we now have 103 members.

Deniliquin U3A certainly offer a wide and varied range of classes and in the last few years the committee have worked in partnership with Edward River Council & Intereach during Seniors Week to provide a film which has always proved to be very successful.

Greg Brown said it is wonderful to see so many members in the “small, beautiful country town of Deniliquin interested in continuing their learning and staying active.”

Bob & Anne Apedaile cutting the anniversary cake – photo courtesy of Pastoral Times

Maurice & Alison Wilson, Greg Brown & Sue Gatacre – photo courtesy of Pastoral Times

Anniversary Cake – 10 years – photo courtesy of Deniliquin RSL Club


For new members the following information is U3A Deniliquin’s Committee and Executive.

President: Alison Wilson

Vice President: Helen Thompson

Secretary: Gill Fraser

Treasurer: Sue Gatacre

Co-Ordinator: Helen Burnham

Publicity Officer: Gayle Beckton

Committee Members: Jan Renwick; Airlie Circuitt; Marge Donohue; Tom Oram; John Watters; Judith Smith


  1. The first mosque in Australia was built in 1861 in South Australia.
  2. What did Australians officially start to use on Valentines Day in 1966 – Decimal currency.
  3. What sport was Abraham Lincoln a champion in before he became US president – wrestling.
  4. Which capital city in Australia has the least annual rainfall – Adelaide.
  5. What was the nickname of Australian Rules player Graham Farmer – Polly


  1. In what year did the Spanish flu pandemic begin?
  2. How many strings does a viola have?
  3. What did the discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799 help decipher?
  4. How many hearts does an octopus have?
  5. When was sliced bread invented: 1908, 1918 or 1928?

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

Deniliquin TAFE have sent an invitation to U3A members to attend their Biggest Morning Tea on Thursday 19th May 2022 from 10.30 am to 11.45 am at the Connected Learning Centre. Gold Coin donation to Cancer Council.

Lucky door prize. RSVP by Monday 17th May to or ring 0447521623.

I have also attached flyer to this email.

Hoping that everyone stays safe and warm and happy.

Gayle Beckton
Publicity Officer U3A

Publicity Officer

Deniliquin U3A